Increase Garage Door opener Range

Extend The Life Of Your Garage Door

Looking For Tips On How To Extend The Range Of A Garage Door Opener?

Car and homeowners have been there. Garage door openers are a challenge.

The signal range is tricky as it is influenced by many factors.

It could be the interference, antenna, and radiofrequency that is weakening the door opener’s range.

It could also be an old logic board, or your opener range is in need of changing.

Overhead doors tend to be tricky.

The door opener should receive the signal five cars away from the door.

It can be a headache when the opener only receives the signal when your car is in close proximity to the door itself.

That is why it is encouraged that homeowners open doors at a distance.

There’s a solution to every problem that you can easily fix on your own or if you’re not confident, leave at the hands of a professional.

Ways to improve your garage door opener range

Remove interference

This is the simplest way to improve your opener range.

Anything that emits electricity and radiofrequency can cause range issues.

Those items include TV cables, light bulbs, radios.

If that is the case, then you can simply move these items that obstruct the signal away from your opener range.

If you live in close proximity to your neighbor, there’s a chance that they are causing the signal to jam.

There are instances when people have opened another person’s garage door.

That is why you will need to install an interference device near that area.

That way, your remote is the only thing that the door opener’s range will pick up.

Change Remote Opener Batteries Periodically

The remote opener’s batteries tend to deteriorate as time passes.

When the garage door does not open, and you’ve already removed any material that’s obstructing the signal, the next culprit may be the remote device.

If you’re not careful, you may have used up most of the energy.

If you don’t change the batteries periodically, draining the batteries will cause the remote opener to deteriorate on its own.

Make it a habit to change the batteries and troubleshooting the reception.

The circuits of the remote control affect the garage door’s opener range after all.

Adjust Frequency

Garage doors tend to live a long life.

However, the frequency might be outdated.

The normal garage door opener’s frequency is 315 MHz.

Older models operate at 390 MHz.

If that is the case, you will need to install additional circuit board.

If that does not improve the opener range, then you need to replace your old opener with a newer model.

Antenna Extension

A way to tune-up your opener range is by adding an antenna extension.

If your antenna is still in good shape, but it still has a problem with receiving the signal, it is time to add an extension.

For this project, you’ll need:

  • Stepladder
  • Screwdriver
  • Extension Kit
  • Insulated Wire Staples
  • Light hammer
  • Batteries

Note: If you’re not familiar with this, simply call a local garage door service shop to do the installation for you.

Use the stepladder to keep up with the antenna’s height.

Release the tabs that hold the antenna unit.

Then, remove the cover that protects the antenna.

With that, use screws to loosen the small wire antenna and remove one end of it from its attachment.

Then, with that, check the instructions to install the antenna’s extension kit.

With that, attach the wire at the end of the extension with the use of a screw.

Tighten all of the loosened bolts.

It does not end there.

You need to fasten the wire with insulated wire staples.

Attach the long stem of the antenna bracket to the ceiling of your garage.

Before doing all of this, you must remove anything that obstructs the signal.

Anything physical or emits radiofrequency or signal.

These are only a few ways to improve your garage door opener range—most of which you can do by yourself.

Doing the fixing on your own will improve your knowledge of garage doors.

Maintain your opener range in top shape by doing these tasks before problems take place.

We encourage that you learn how to manipulate garage door openers in case something happens.

You can simply contact us if you need assistance when problems persist.

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