Wall Mount Garage Door Opener in Canada

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Should you be looking to enhance your garage or plan to install a new one, there are numerous factors you must take into account.

One, you need to consider the size of your garage and what kind of style to fit with your home’s curb appeal.

You also need to let go of a traditional garage door opener and buy a new one instead.

One of the styles often used for most homeowners in Canada is a wall mount garage door opener.

If you want this kind of opener for your new garage, read on to know if it is right for you.

Who Needs a Wall Mount Garage Door Opener?

A garage door opener is essential to keep your garage door secure and convenient to use, especially if it is an automatic one.

Most openers nowadays have a ceiling-mounted unit that is belt or chain-driven.

These are undoubtedly reliable openers; however, if you want an even better option, a jackshaft or a wall-mounted garage door opener is your best choice.

However, not all garages need this kind of opener.

If your garage has a floor-to-ceiling distance of over 3 meters or 10 feet, then this is a perfect opener for you.

Otherwise, if your garage is smaller than the recommended height, it’s not recommended to use a wall-mounted garage door opener.

Nonetheless, it’s a better choice than a chain, belt drives, and traditional trolley openers.

Since with a wall-mounted garage door opener, you don’t have to install a 2-feet hanging bracket from the ceiling that can loosen over time due to constant usage.

These hanging brackets are not safe to begin with.

Fortunately, a wall-mounted system eliminates this particular equipment.

What are the Limitations?

Aside from having adequate space in your garage, you need torsion hardware for a wall-mounted system to be possible.

In fact, wall-mount garage door openers require torsion springs that hang over the door.

These torsion springs placed at either side of the garage door will make the opening and closing of your door possible.

Also, you need to check the balance of a wall-mounted system from time to time.

In this way, it will be easy for the system to operate the garage door.

The Benefits of Wall Mount Garage Door Openers

Wall mount garage door openers, similar to other openers, provide benefits for your garage.

These are some of them, especially if you’re thinking of installing a wall mount garage door opener in Canada:

Space Saver

Garages function as a storage space that won’t already fit in inside your home or if the items are used occasionally.

Hence, if you need a space-saving opener, a wall mount garage door opener won’t take up the space for your storage items.

This type of opener is perfect if you want to store your bicycles or even place hanging shelves, as it frees up a lot of space for various items.

If you want this type of opener, don’t hesitate to call garage door services such as Fixadoor Garage Doors for an installation.


All your valuables, equipment, and vehicles are safer with a wall mount garage door opener since the risk of falling and damaging them are eliminated.

If you want a safer feature, jackshaft or wall mount openers also come with security codes.

These security codes will generate a new code every time the garage door opens.

This particular additional feature will prevent thieves from using the remote to break into your home.

Fortunately, a wall mount garage door opener also comes with other features if you want tighter security for your garage.

Offers Versatility in Installation

Another good thing with having a wall mount garage door opener is the various options for the installation.

Most homes in Canada have a high, vaulted, and sloped ceiling that makes it difficult to install an automatic opener.

Fortunately, jackshaft openers can be installed in a ceiling with ample space.

It can also be installed on either side of the garage if the ceiling is not too high.

Hence, the installation that comes with jackshaft openers offers many options.

Quiet Operation

Compared to chain and belt drive openers, jackshaft openers are quiet.

Its almost noiseless operation would be challenging for you to notice when the garage door is opening or closing.

Hence, it is usually recommended to install it if your garage is near the living room.

Install a Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Today!

Many benefits come with a wall mount garage door opener.

It can fit in a 3-meter ceiling height and can be installed in different ways depending on your garage.

It is also quiet, safe and offers ample space for storage for your belongings and vehicle.

So if you need a wall mount garage door opener in Canada, call Fixadoor Garage Doors!

We will install it for you just the way you want it!

We also perform garage door repairs, maintenance, and replacement.

Contact Fixadoor Garage Doors today so we can install the wall mount garage door opener right away for you!

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