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    Garage Door Motor Replacement & Installation

    Five Signs to Look for Before Having a Garage Door Motor Replacement and Installation

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    Most of the time, our garage doors provide us great convenience.

    They go up and down several times each year to assist and make sure our goods are stored safely and adequately.

    Garage doors are vital in helping us enjoy more convenience.

    With just a touch of a button or a remote, we can already close or open our garage doors and expect it to work flawlessly.

    So it’s just essential that we choose one that is efficient in style, function, and durability.

    Let’s not panic when our garage door is starting to act up at some point in its lifespan since it is, indeed, inevitable.

    However, we should not ignore it, or else it will worsen, and the repair cost will be much more expensive than we have anticipated.

    There are tons of brands and deals we could see in the market.

    However, which one will suit our needs and interests?

    Let’s dive in here and learn these five signs to look out for before having a garage door motor replacement and installation

    Garage door motor batteries die

    Garage door openers usually run on batteries, which eventually die out in the long run, which is no surprise.

    Before seeking professional help in installing a new garage door, let us try changing our batteries first and see if it helps solve our garage door issues.

    It will help us save a considerable amount of money and is a lot less hassle.

    Additionally, it is better to buy a replacement battery before it goes dead.

    It is much better to be prepared for inevitable events such as this.

    The slow movement in opening and closing the doors

    When opening and closing our garage doors seems slower than usual, we can say that our door opener is getting worn out, which results in it having trouble lifting the doors.

    A garage door repair is a key to resolve this issue.

    This problem needs to be solved quickly to avoid the dangers of the doors being detached and falling into someone’s head.

    A loud and strange noise

    Our motor in our door opener will produce a deafening noise with age.

    It includes squeaking and creaking, which indicates a flaw in specific parts of the mechanism that hinders the door to function correctly.

    Typically, it is a flaw either in the opener bracket, lubrication, or the springs.

    Either way, garage door motor repair is a must to settle these deafening noises.

    Give it a try and inquire to professionals in our team!

    Garage door does not open flawlessly or none at all.

    Most garage door motors’ problems are that the doors only open halfway or stop whenever it opens.

    For this instance, there could be a problem either in the close-limit switch problem or damaged rollers in the garage door that requires to be changed.

    The owner might need to make some adjustments on the door opener motor.

    Attempting to fix these issues alone at home can spare homeowners some time.

    However, it is easier and more reliable to consult someone professional in the field and ask for advice for the installment of a new garage door.

    Cracked or broken parts of the door

    Protection and security are some of the benefits of having a garage door.

    With a cracked or broken one, it throws away that benefit and can let a thief easily access the inside and steal our valuable things.

    Thus, when we notice our garage doors having these damaged parts, we must get them fixed no matter the repair cost is for our safety.

    Who to consult when I need a garage motor repair and installation?

    Problems with garage door motors could be difficult to handle from different types, models, structures, and the like.

    It is best to consult a professional who could help and assist.

    Call an expert now! 

    In our company, Fixadoor Garage Doors Repair, we can guarantee that our customers garage door needs are our first and foremost priority and ensure everything from garage door motor repair and be installed safely, hassle-free, and fast.

    Consult a trusted garage door professionals at Fixadoor Garage Doors Repair now!

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